Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Landscape in Auvers after the Rain” (Landscape with a Wagon and a Train)

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Landscape in Auvers after the Rain” (Landscape with a Wagon and a Train)

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The canvas is one of the last works of the great master. He painted a few months before his death in the small town of Auvers-sur-Oise, where he spent the last year of his life. It was one of the landscapes of this town that was captured by the artist on the canvas.

Because of the depicted in the picture, it has another name "Landscape with a wagon and a train." In the center of the picture, this is the cart itself. Its dimensions are insignificant, but it attracts attention with its wheel. The artist painted it red-orange, making the color as bright as possible.

The choice of color allowed to attract the attention of the viewer and at the same time reveals the symbolism of the image. If we consider the wheel as an allegory of human life, then the bright color indicates its saturation with events and people. The artist’s life can rightfully be considered bright.

Another symbol is the sun. A burning and bright circle that passes its way through the sky from dawn to sunset. The whole picture is full of life, starting from a symbolic bright wheel and colorful fields around. Van Gogh, foreseeing his imminent death, continues to love life and wants to show the beauty of the world around him to the viewer.

Its fields are full of colors: lush green grass, pink alfalfa flowers, purple-black earth, dark green young shoots of plants and yellowish shades of mature grass. Among the riot of colors, the figure of a reaper becomes a loud chord of vitality, he is depicted at work. Bent, from which it seems even less, it does not become invisible. He is also the embodiment of life in this picture.

In the background, the beauty of the picture is conveyed by yellow fields of wheat and bluish hills, among which a train moves into the invisible distance. Behind him remains a long and thick white trail of smoke, like a person’s memories of a past that is full of joy and grief.

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