Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “Prince Igor”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Vasilyev “Prince Igor”

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Konstantin Vasiliev, an outstanding artist who made a huge contribution to the art of modernity. He left his mark in a wide variety of genres, from graphic essays to paintings with natural compositions, and each of his work is worthy of the title of a masterpiece.

Also, the painter painted on the theme of ancient Russian legends and epics. This caused a lot of controversy among critics. Someone said that Vasiliev really and truthfully described human life. And someone believed that the artist, to a greater extent, emphasized the spiritual side of events.

The painting, entitled "Prince Igor", is one of the author's brilliant works. When the question becomes about the protection of the native lands, the physical power of the Russian person is combined with the unwavering spirit of his. And there is nothing left that could extinguish his passionate desire for victory.

The canvas depicts a proud and majestic prince, of All Russia - Igor. He stands firmly and confidently, terrifying enemies. The prince's gaze is directed forward, his bright eyes are full of determination. By his appearance, he says that he is ready to take revenge on anyone who dared to encroach on his country.

Prince Igor is wearing new armor, sparkling even in the gloom. A sharp sword rests in his right hand, and a heavy shield in his left. The wind develops the floors of his red cloak. The prince’s chest is decorated with a massive cross - a symbol of deep indestructible faith. A loyal horse stands a little behind him, ready at any moment to be under the saddle of the owner.

The background of the picture brings superstitious thrill to the viewer. In the night sky, slightly covered with light haze, an obscure halo flashes from the luminosity hidden by an eclipse.

The young artist Vasiliev subtly felt the emotions and passions overwhelming the heroes he depicted. This is probably why his paintings adorn the walls of national painting museums and are their pride.

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