Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin “Fruit Harvest”

Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin “Fruit Harvest”

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Canvas and oil served as materials for creating Paul Gauguin's work “Fruit Harvesting”, the canvas is 128 by 190 cm in size. The French painter Gauguin painted this canvas almost at the very end of his life, during his stay on Tahiti.

The meaning of the work can be interpreted in different ways. One of the common versions of the interpretation of its meaning is that the composition symbolizes paradise before the fall and after. As you can see at the first glance at the picture, you can divide it into two parts. In the left part there are women on a gold background, carrying various fruits and flowers in their hands, symbolizing fertility, abundance and well-being. Of course, this part of the picture represents paradise.

What is typical for many of Gauguin’s paintings, in particular, for the “Fruit Harvest”, he uses bright, clean colors, which allows you to create a feeling of sunlight, without even depicting the sun and sky. Gauguin also loves simplistic, stylized images. Without carefully drawing the facial features, he copes with the task of creating a vivid impression of the characters.

On the right side of the picture are a naked man on a horse and a dog with offspring, as well as a character who plucks a fruit from a tree. This part symbolizes a land full of temptations, human fall and paradise after it. On this half of the canvas, we see birth and death on the example of a dog in the lower right corner.

If, looking at the left side of the work, the viewer experiences a blissful feeling of happiness and eternal pleasure, then, looking at the right, he realizes something else. Namely: nothing in this world lasts forever, we are born and die, death is inevitable.

Gauguin’s canvases I want to consider, examine in great detail. Bright colors, confident, thick contour lines, expressiveness - this is the whole of Gauguin. If the paintings had a volume, then his works can be compared to a scream. Goya Francisco

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