Description of the painting Francisco de Goya “Machi on the balcony”

Description of the painting Francisco de Goya “Machi on the balcony”

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In the best works of Goya, two principles were combined - realistic and fantastic. He constantly turned to the vivid image of the Mach. This is a typical Spanish woman, a simple girl. We see two beauties who are dressed in national costumes by a contemporary painter of the era. Mahi preferred to wear just such a fairly simple clothes. In high society, the fashion of France was adopted. Right behind the girls you can distinguish the figures of their gentlemen.

For outfits, the artist uses incredibly colorful colors. Faces are painted in warm colors. Goya's painting impresses with subtle tints that are enhanced by a dark background.

Two girls are located on the balcony. From here they watch the vibrant street life. They look like two captured birds, which, against their will, were placed in a cage. This plot was typical of modern Goya. But he brings some anxiety. In the background, you can distinguish the figures of two men. They are wearing dark clothes. Hats are pulled almost over the eyes, and they themselves are wrapped in raincoats.

Goya paints their figures only as obscure silhouettes. They almost merged with the dusk with which they are surrounded. One gets the feeling that these are not people, but only shadows that try to undermine the charm of youth. But the Machs themselves are also in collusion with them. Their smiles are truly conspiratorial. It seems that they are trying to lure those who are attracted by their tender beauty, into this frightening darkness. This creation of Goya is still filled with light. But it is already becoming the forerunner of tragedy, which is characteristic of the late period.

The artist always liked genre painting. That is why he chose such a plot for his canvas.

His picture is expressed expressively. Goya does not just portray a scene from life. He tries to penetrate into the very essence of the phenomenon. Color is concentrated as much as possible. The contrast of the shades allows you to achieve a generalized, transmitted in a compressed form.

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