Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Resurrection of the daughter of Jairus”

Description of the painting by Vasily Polenov “Resurrection of the daughter of Jairus”

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The painting “The Resurrection of Jairus's Daughter” was created by Polenov in 1871. She was written to participate in a competition held by the art academy and was a contender for a gold medal. At the same time as Polenov, Repin wrote a canvas on the same topic, which critics paid more attention to.

However, they noted that Polenov’s painting looks very vital and is in no way inferior to the opponent’s creation in the selection of colors and composition. Critics also expressed the opinion that the depth of the plot was not fully disclosed by Polenov, as he softened the drama of the picture and portrayed the girl who was already revived.

On the canvas Polenov depicts a company of people, each of whom experiences different feelings and emotions. A revived girl looks beautiful and natural, but the pallor of her face and skin suggests that life has left her body. Christ appears in the image of a real healer rather than a heavenly deity. Confidence is traced in his movements. And, looking at him, a feeling is created - there is nothing beyond his power.

The facial expressions of other characters in the picture show that a miraculous event happened. Mother is in a state of admiration. She still has not realized her happiness and has not run up to hug her daughter. A smile and gratitude for the justified hopes lit up the face of the father of the resurrected girl. The rest of those present are also shocked and do not believe their eyes.

The artist was able to masterfully depict muffled daylight and sunny reflections on objects in the house and characters, contrasting with darkened areas. The main feature of this picture is the everydayness and naturalness of both the drapery and the actions depicted on it. This is what impresses the viewer. Looking at the picture, it becomes clear that miracles on Earth happen.

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