Description of the painting by Alexandra Saykina "Children's Sports School"

Description of the painting by Alexandra Saykina

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We see girls in their usual occupation. In the gym, everything is quite ordinary. Girls have almost the same swimwear. All the difference is only in their color: some are black, others are white, and others are red.

In the center of the picture is a young gymnast in a bright red leotard. Her posture was especially proud. On the face you can read joy and pride. All the girls look at her with easily guessed envy. Without further ado, it’s clear that we have an undoubted leader.

If we look in the background, we will see a trainer in a blue suit. She is totally obsessed with teaching girls. Each heroine of this canvas is depicted very clearly. You can feel a special love for these characters of the artist herself. The viewer feels that Saykina respects the undoubted achievements of these gymnasts.

The picture shows us how a true trainer can bring up worthy students. This does not require anything special. It is simply important to invest in your students a piece of your huge soul. Excellent results should be achieved. This is achieved by painstaking work with each pupil. Only then, in sport, guaranteed success.

The canvas impresses with its special realism and incredible truthfulness. The image is as accurate as possible, and all the contours are very clear. It really captivates. Today, artists such a manner of writing is not so common. It really captivates and, like a magnet, draws our eyes to this unusual creation of a real master.

The incredibly juicy tones that this canvas abounds in impress. Each color is as bright as possible. It seems that the whole picture is illuminated by warm sunlight. When looking at this realistic creation, the audience has a really joyful feeling. Saykina is a real sorceress who managed to write such a life-affirming picture.

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