Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova "After the Rain"

Description of the painting Apollinaria Vasnetsova

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A.Vasnetsov was a sensual master of the transmission of the true beauty of Russian nature. With his works, he showed the strength and grandeur of his native land. His technique is unique and the image is saturated with realism.

In the picture “After the Rain” epic notes are visible. This work is filled with deep meaning. The deep idea of ​​the picture fascinates and is filled with life philosophy.

The picture is a corner of Russian nature, there are many of them, they are unremarkable. Through the floating clouds, the sun's rays break through. Hills, a village church and village houses spread wide. Everywhere is deserted and endless open spaces blow freedom.

One female figure walks alone into the village, the road is blurred. The whole picture is painted in gray and green colors. The brightness of the color is visible only in places exposed to sunlight. Nature is pretty monotonous, the ground is covered with grass carpet.

Looking at this work, elation, peace and harmony are felt. The picture exudes peace, the artist used a successful combination of gamma, colors and shades. Vasnetsov accurately conveyed not only the beauty of nature, but also the spirituality of the Russian people. Church domes gleaming in the sun reflect the spiritual fullness of the inhabitants of this small village.

In the foreground, the colors are darker, the sun's rays fall on the crowns of the church, creating an atmosphere of grace. As if heaven gave life to this small village lost among the hills. The artist managed to convey his mood very accurately when writing the work. Calmness and peace of mind allowed such a calming work to be born.

A.Vasnetsov is a master of the Russian landscape, he definitely manages to convey the mood of nature and designate a person’s place in the beautiful surrounding world. The artist displayed the beauty of nature, urging, thus, to maintain its originality.

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