Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Mademoiselle Legrand"

Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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The charming portrait of the eight-year-old Dolphin Legrand was painted by Renoir in 1875 at the beginning of his artistic career, when the painter depended on the decisions of the portrait commission in order to provide for his life and creative work, earning the fame of the artist.

Clasped hands, the girl stands in an indecisive pose. Her defenseless gaze is directed somewhere to the side and seems to be looking for support. The Dolphins portrait was made with clarity of details, saturated bright colors prevail: with wet brush strokes, her black apron is painted over, a blue scarf is tied around the neck, and a blue curtain is tinted with greenish paint. Her gold medallion is very characteristic of children's spontaneity - it is uneven, as if a moment ago it was taken out from under the apron to decorate clothes.

Dolphin's parents belonged to the petty bourgeoisie: his father was a merchant, and his mother made straw hats. According to reports, the picture from the girl was ordered by her grandfather, who wished to exhibit works of the Impressionists in his shop. The granddaughter came out on the canvas childishly charming and a little constrained. This work of Renoir evokes memories of the carefree world of childhood.

Along with other portraits of women and children that the impressionist loved to paint, the creation of the brush "Mademoiselle Legrand" reveals a reverent attitude of the artist to a gentle human being.

The paintings of Renoir are striking with a life-affirming force - they are romantic, bright. Dolphin's girl is written with the same love and joy inherent in him. The sweet creature shyly looked down, and the bright sapphire drops of her eyes shine with an unprecedented beauty. Bold, quick strokes in the impressionist style are filled with oil fragments of the details of the look of mademoiselle and a colorful background.

Renoir again masterfully glorifies youth and the charm of life.

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