Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Spring in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Yuon “Spring in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra”

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K.F. Yuon - Russian painter, art critic, theater figure and landscape master. The work "Spring in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra" very realistically reflects the beauty of the facade of the laurel and its atmosphere. Artist Trinity-Sergius Lavra devoted a significant number of his paintings. This place attracted him not only by its beauty, but also by its spiritual atmosphere.

Lavra is more like a toy town. Here luxurious cathedrals mixed with gilded domes and old rickety wooden houses with a dilapidated fence. This contrast demonstrates the attitude of the Russian people to faith and spiritual fulfillment. The simplicity of the soul of an ordinary person echoes the temple of wisdom and an endless source of answers to all life's questions. The artist depicts the town a little childish, he looks like a toy.

The picture is made in bright colors. Against the background of white snow, colors become even brighter and more saturated. The beauty of nature is accurately conveyed, thin trees, as if falling asleep for the winter, a sky of saturated azure color speaks of clear winter weather. It is impossible not to notice the identity of the Russian people. In the foreground are walking women, two of whom are younger and one in age. They are dressed in the style of the time. Warm winter clothes, lined with fur, reflect Russian fashion and traditions.

Perhaps these women are going out of prayer on this clear day. The road is covered with snow, it is not easy to walk along it. Long skirts fetter movement, women pick up the hem, thereby freeing up their step.

The overall impression of the picture is pleasant. The work exudes peace and I want to visit this magical place. It is a pity that in the modern world it is no longer possible to observe such an amazing picture of real life. Portraying the laurel in many of his works, the artist developed his own individual style, which is impossible not to recognize, it is unique.

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