Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky "Peasant children"

Description of the painting by Vladimir Makovsky

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Before us is a famous painting by a famous painter. When you look at her, there is no parade.

The artist seeks the most natural depiction of peasant life. He is interested in the special relationship between children who are united by labor. We see that the girl is busy with needlework, and the woman spins enthusiastically.

The home is incredibly wretched. The clothes are very simple. But Makovsky does not seek to criticize this from a social point of view. He uses these details in order to create the most juicy flavor. Bright spots of warm tones are served somewhat decoratively. The color of this creation is both contrasting and very warm.

The artist deliberately uses complementary colors. The decision in terms of light is also significant. Makovsky conveys a special fullness of life in the village, its colorfulness. The idyll is also conveyed by the crying child, whom we see in the center.

The artist depicts images a little in the depths of his creation. He does not seek to individually highlight each character. But at the same time, the viewer sees a clear division into groups. By this, the artist emphasizes a special unity and a certain individuality in terms of interests.

On the faces of the characters you can see completely different emotions. But at the same time, the tone of the picture as a whole is incredibly calm. Communication of the characters takes place without any conflicts. It is harmonious in every gesture and turn of the head.

The picture allows viewers to imagine how peasant children lived. But at the same time there is no feeling of hopelessness. We understand that Makovsky admires these ordinary people. He seeks to depict them as clearly and vividly as possible.

The beauty of Russian nature is also impressive, against which the action takes place. The artist depicts it as juicy as possible. The whole canvas is flooded with bright light, which gives a special cheerfulness.

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