Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Open window lilac”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Open window lilac”

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V.A.Serov is a bright representative of artists who worked in the style of impressionists. The painter devoted many works to flowers, he loved and often painted them.

Bright and meaningful is the painting "Lilac", written in 1886. This year was not easy for the artist, it was at this time that he decided to finally leave the Academy and took the documents.

The work “Lilac” not only displays a wide-open window and beautiful spring flowers, it is a symbol of his love. After all, this window served as an entourage for another picture of the great artist.

A portrait of her lover Olga Trubnikova was painted at this place. This is the estate of Simonovich, where the fateful meeting of young people took place. The widened window symbolizes the beginning of a new phase of life, prosperity. It would seem that the old wooden frame lets a bright and flowering event into the life of the artist himself.

Lilac blooms in spring, when nature comes to life, the snow melted a long time, and the blizzard left the edge. It is at the moment of harmony, warmth and joy that such beautiful flowers bloom. Lilac branches are made up of many small flowers, and so the family is built.

The artist, having fallen in love, thought about the family. His inner world changed, the decision to quit studying was not easy, but he could not keep himself behind this closed old frame of stereotypes that reigned in the academy. He wanted, like a truly creative person, to open the window and let in the smell of fresh, blossomed buds. He could no longer languish, contemplating real art and not having the ability to transfer it to the canvas.

The picture is painted in large strokes, which creates the effect of the presence of a contemplator in this room. Such relief, despite the blurring of the contours, displays clear outlines and windows and blossoming clusters of flowers. The artist favorably placed shadows and highlights, the image looks realistic, despite the unique writing style.

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