Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Snow Moscow breads”

Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Snow Moscow breads”

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You feel the deliberate picturesqueness of this still life. His still life is addressed to the viewer. We see Moscow's delicious food in all its beauty and incredible abundance.

Mashkov was very attentive to the special staging of each still life. For the most part, this predetermined the success of his creations. In a picturesque manner, a certain restraint and incredible calmness are felt. The artist’s still life is somewhat chamber. The viewer feels the artist’s desire to convey the subject convincingly and at the same time sensually. Before us is a classic example of a still life of the Soviet era.

Watching this painting hungry is strictly prohibited. The dark red oval table is simply littered with various bakery products. They provoke a great desire to take a pretzel from a shelf and eat it with great appetite. We see hearth bread, delicious crackers, mouth-watering challah, delicious cakes and many other delicious things. It is almost impossible not to feel the breathtaking aromas that are in the air.

Mashkov’s whole bread and rolls are deliberately exaggerated. It is as if he is making a bold challenge to the academic modernity.

It seems that the composition here is awkward and completely defy any systematization. This is exactly what Mashkov wanted to achieve. Its main goal was to convey all the splendor of the Moscow bakery.

Still life impresses with wealth and generosity. It simply attracts a special abundance. The artist shows us all a special holiday, which always has a place in life. But there is some exaggeration. The carnival will soon end, and despair is already beginning to be felt. It turned out that these grandiose forebodings did not deceive the artist. But it is quite possible that he did not know this.

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