Description of the Arseny Shurygin painting “Arrest”

Description of the Arseny Shurygin painting “Arrest”

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A.N.Shurygin for his short creative activity wrote a few works, but each of his paintings is original, and the characters are realistic.

The work “Arrest” reflects not only the essence of the arrest process that was relevant at that time for the turbulent period in Russia, but also truthfully conveys the mood and image of each hero of this sad story. In the late nineteenth century, such scenes often occurred in connection with the tense political situation in the country and the development of the revolutionary movement.

The picture depicts the atmosphere of that time. Common household attributes such as a table, cupboard, and a painting on the wall. There are papers scattered on the floor, apparently a search was underway in the house.

The artist very realistically portrayed the emotions on the faces of the characters. The endless melancholy and sadness of the arrested does not leave indifferent. His complexion is pale, he guiltily lowered his eyes to the floor. His wife finally clung to him, completely hopelessly, putting her hands on his neck. The tragedy of the moment gives the baby in the arms of a man.

A tiny child plays a big role in arrest, search, and farewell. One gets the feeling that a man is holding in his hands not just a child, but hope, a symbol of life and prosperity. He understands that he must give it and leave, but still he so wants to hope and believe in the best.

The central figure is a senior soldier with a stern look. His face expresses decisiveness and severity, but you can catch a slightly noticeable melancholy, because his eyes fall on the side of the arrested.

Few can remain indifferent to such a sensual scene. Another soldier faithfully waits for the prisoner, dutifully holding his coat in his hand. On the closet is a globe that tells about the high degree of education of the owner of the house.

It can be assumed that it was precisely political motives that served as the reason for the arrest. The situation in the room is tense and shows all the complexity and danger of that time.

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