Description of the painting Konstantin Makovsky “The Hawthorn”

Description of the painting Konstantin Makovsky “The Hawthorn”

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Makovsky was a very fashionable painter. We see a young woman dressed in traditional Russian holiday clothes.

The particular beauty of this robe is impressive. The shirt had a characteristic name - red, which did not indicate its color, but that the clothes were beautiful. At the same time, the sleeves were threaded into special slots on the outer clothing.

That is why this piece of clothing was extremely significant. A cowboy was put on his shirt. That was the name of the long dress with loose sleeves. Collars were not sewn directly to clothing. Luxurious silk and all kinds of pearls were used to decorate them. Such a special collar was called a necklace.

As a headdress for the holiday, a kokoshnik was used. Its hard part was sewn to a hat, which necessarily covered the whole head.

To decorate the oceans, colored glass and pearls were used. A muscular blanket was necessarily attached to the very top. It fell freely on the shoulders. To decorate the kokoshniks, lowlands were used.

Makovsky most accurately depicts this luxurious costume of Russian women. The heroine is dressed in a traditional shirt with expertly embroidered ankles ..

Headdress was important. Girls traditionally wore a braid. Elegant threads of pearls and multi-colored ribbons were necessarily woven into it. Makovsky depicts a young lady in a festive crown, which is tied with a ribbon on the back.

Such a magnificent outfit of Russian women is impressive. Makovsky does not spare paints and seeks to convey all the details of the outfit with maximum accuracy. The background in the picture serves only to advantageously shade the magnificence of the outfit.

Before us is a young girl with the right features. You can feel that Makovsky admires her and seeks to convey this special perception to the audience.

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