Description of Vasily Perov's painting “The Fisherman”

Description of Vasily Perov's painting “The Fisherman”

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In addition to the glory of the magnificent portrait painter V. Perov gained fame thanks to the writing of realistic genre scenes. Earlier in the 1870s, he worked mainly on canvases having a social orientation and a revealing character. Later, the Russian painter turned to a description of the everyday life of ordinary people, often in an ironic manner. Such is the picture of the "Fisherman" of 1871.

On the canvas we see several separate compositional plans. The main figure of the picture is an elderly man on the lake, engaged in fishing. He crouched slightly, obeying the desire to wait for the bite. The old man's gaze is inextricably directed beyond the image, where, according to the logic of the picture, there is a fishing rod float.

With deep psychology, Perov showed a keen fisherman. In the guise of a character it is read as if the whole surrounding world has ceased to exist - he is so immersed in the fishing process.

You can understand from the fisherman’s clothes that he belongs to prosperous merchants or landowners: a beautiful bright shawl is tied around his neck, his boots are cleaned to shine, his shirt is neat, and a fashionable hat crowns his head.

A strong contrast is the long-range plan. A modestly dressed and gloomy man puts a bait on a hook. The viewer involuntarily understands that the first person is fishing for entertainment, and the second for serious business - getting food.

A separate plan is the area around the figure of a keen fisherman. Perov worked in detail on a still life with fishing utensils: a jug, a tin can, a landing net, several fishing rods.

In the upper part of the canvas the morning sky is whitening. Young birches spread green branches on a hill.

In the atmosphere of the picture "The Fisherman" one feels the happy harmony of man and nature. This beautiful work of Vasily Perov is in the Moscow Tretyakov Gallery.

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