Description of the painting by Sergey Tutunov “Winter has come”

Description of the painting by Sergey Tutunov “Winter has come”

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The canvas “Winter has come” shows us a boy, about five years old, who is waiting at the window waiting. In turn, the courtyard itself, which was outside the window, yesterday looked very ordinary, dull, gray and boring, but today it is no longer so boring, it is all covered with snow. The yard, as if covered with a snow-white shawl.

White snow leads round dances with its large flakes, and it circled very slowly, gradually dropping down. The boy looking out the window is already probably looking forward to New Year's gifts, games, fun.

In the distance, behind the fence, another residential building is visible, but is poorly visible, due to the fact that the density of falling snow is quite high.

The long-awaited winter has finally come and now the whole earth has become like a snow-white white sheet. The branches of the trees have already covered with hoarfrost. In some places on the trees, the yellowish leaves had not yet fallen.

Tutunova’s canvas clearly shows that the winter season is the most mysterious and amazing time of the year. This time is loved not only by small children, such as this boy in the picture, but also by adult viewers who are viewing this painting. You can love winter for many reasons, for the crunch of snow under your feet or the smell of a Christmas tree and tangerines.

People are convinced that winter is the period when dreams come true and even the most cherished desire can come true, which the boy at the window is actually sure of, so he waited for winter with a sinking heart, and now it finally came to him the yard. This painting is a vivid illustrator of how little is required for happiness for children, just hope for a miracle.

Among other things, to believe in a real miracle, the picture gives an opportunity to all its contemplators. The canvas leaves a warm imprint in the soul of every person for a long time, and perhaps for a lifetime. The painting is made in a light image that just blows in the air.

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