Description of the Wuxi Buddha Statue

Description of the Wuxi Buddha Statue

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The statue of the majestic Buddha is installed in the city of Wuxi in China. It was made of bronze. It is located at the very top of Linshan Hill near the tourism area near Taihu Lake. Therefore, this place has become a pilgrimage among tourists from different countries. The Wuxi Buddha is the largest bronze figure of the Buddha in the whole world.

The sculpture is impressive in size. She stands and rises above all, head resting on the sky. Its height is eighty-eight meters, and weighs almost eight hundred tons. The sculptors worked on their creation for three long years. The construction began from the foundation, and the first stone was laid on April 20, 1994.

The money for this construction was collected by all the townspeople and even donations were donated by people from other areas of China. In addition there are underground floors with them its length is 101.5 meters. I had to erect a statue in pieces. Blocks of bronze were placed on a pedestal and then welded together. If you measure the length of all the seams, you get thirty-five thousand meters. The work was carried out colossal. No one refused help.

The opening of the sculpture was held on November 15, 1997. It was attended by representatives from many countries: Singapore, Nepal, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Near the magnificent structure is the Xiangfu Temple. 216 steps lead to the Buddha, located above all. If you pass them, you can get rid of 108 suffering. Passing two steps, one suffering will be counted. At the foot of this figure you can always see a lot of people.

First, the pilgrims pray in the temple, and then they can rise to the Giant. But before that, it is still necessary to bow to the small figure of Buddha. Its dimensions are eleven times smaller than that of a standing statue on a hill. But the giant Buddha was made in the image and likeness of this reduced eight-meter figure.

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