Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Bouquet of Roses"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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The sensual and carefree works of Renoir stand apart in impressionist art. The world he captured was free from anxiety and fears, and the artist himself was convinced that a work of art should attract a pleasant mood, be joyful and cheerful. The French artist carried this hedonistic trend in art through his paintings and life.

Renoir loved to portray people, especially beautiful French women, and still lifes and flowers were not the main theme in his work, but they were as beautiful and refined as the female images on his canvases.

Rather, Renoir painted still lifes in between large works, resting and relaxing in this way. He wrote about two dozen flower arrangements. The artist himself said that flowers are easy work, they are beautifully written and generate income.

The floral plot has always been in fashion, and fashion, as you know, is a historical fact. A bouquet of roses is saturated with a variety of colors and conveys the style of the master. They do not seem boring and lifeless, looking at the pink bouquet, you can feel the wonderful aroma. Bright colors call for life and love. A colorful lively plot can be a wonderful decoration for any home.

The artist himself believed that when performing work in this genre it is easy to learn the art of painting, explore tones and practice a combination of light and shadow.

Moonlighting still lifes, the artist left most of his work in the possession of private collectors.

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