Description of Shemyakin's monument “Children of the Victim of Adult Vices”

Description of Shemyakin's monument “Children of the Victim of Adult Vices”

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Monuments are most often erected in order to capture someone or something. They symbolize different things that sometimes are not clear to everyone. Ambiguously people reacted to Shemyakin's monument "Children - victims of adult vices." It was installed in Moscow, near Bolotnaya Square.

It has been 15 years since the installation, and the residents of the city are still arguing vehemently - some of them are urging to remove this monument, while others value it and say that it should be like that. And it’s time for us people to think about their lives.

The history of the monument is as follows. Once, in the early 2000s, the mayor of the city of Luzhkov called in a creative figure (artist and sculpture) Mikhail Shemyakin. He told him that a monument should be erected in Moscow, which will be devoted to vices, they were listed on a piece of paper.

The first view of the sculpture was mixed. Stories in which he could put on display for children and prostitution, also, including other, no less pleasant vices, could not be kept in his head. The author of the monument had to gather his thoughts and strength for six months, only after this time an idea was born.

The monument was installed in the square. Many residents came to see him. The sculptures wanted to convey to people that the world was mired in vile vices. And all these strange figures of adults display each of them. It is quite clear. But for many, this monument was a shock. Residents believe that these "freaks" depicted on the monument, and show children scary. And, in general, what do they learn from childhood.

Many even the indigenous people of this place stopped walking there after the installation of this monument. There are people who more calmly talk about the monument, but still do not accept it. They believe such a monument should be more concise, but at the same time understandable. But there are those who are proud that the author expressed the situation in today's world in this way.

Shemyakin - the face is also ambiguous. He was not accepted in the Soviet years, he was even forcibly treated in a psychiatric hospital, after being expelled from the country. But after years, Shemyakin’s work began to return. At the moment, he created many works, including sculptures in the capital.

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