Description of the mosquito monument in Noyabrsk

Description of the mosquito monument in Noyabrsk

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Relatively recently, in the two thousand sixth year, a mosquito sculpture was constructed in the city of Noyabrsk. Its location: Veterans Park in the village of Ladny. But this monument has already gained popularity among the population and tourists.

There are many people who want to be photographed with an impressive mosquito. And the size of the insect is really impressive. Its height is two and a half meters, and its width is three.

The sculpture is made of metal structures that look more like waste metal parts. But it is not so. The author of this work is considered to be the sculptor V. Chaly.

Before designing a mosquito, he assembled metal parts for eight months that were no longer suitable for operation. Then it took a lot of time to cut and grind them to the required size. All parts were welded together by conventional welding. And the mosquito figure was even funny.

The first impression of the sculpture is frightening, since not everyone met with an insect of such enormous size. Yes, the whole structure weighs one and a half tons. This monument was created as a kind of action. And not because a mosquito is a cult insect. The opposite is true. For a long time people could not get rid of mosquitoes, which were very many in the Siberian town. In the summer I could not save them, they flew in swarms. Some people said that they survive the cold winters better than summer with these insects.

Only insecticides could cope with mosquitoes, but they also had to be abandoned, because they harm the environment. Yes, and completely exterminating insects, you can destroy birds and fish. Since they feed mainly on mosquitoes. Therefore, people have to put up with such a neighborhood. Enthusiasm and admiration is delivered more by sculpture to children. But the locals believe that having stayed to live in such a place, they managed to defeat nature.

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