Description of the painting by Mark Antokolsky “Nestor the Chronicler”

Description of the painting by Mark Antokolsky “Nestor the Chronicler”

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Work on the sculpture was completed in 1890 and executed in a realistic manner. Chronicler depicted sitting at the table. His head is slightly tilted, and the figure is natural. The look expresses sadness and meditation.

Absorbed in his work, Nestor Pechersky looks a little tired and humble. The ascetic robe of the old man is accurately conveyed by the sculptor Antokolsky. It reproduces the soft folds of clothes, and the figure reflects light and shadow, which makes the image alive, the strength of individuality in the expression of the monk’s face is felt. The marble image depicts Nestor - an old man and a monk-chronicler, an ingenious old Russian writer who lived at the turn of the 11th-12th centuries. He was the first collector of invaluable historical information about the original Russia. Rev. Nestor came to the Pechersk monastery at the age of 17 years.

The Kiev-Pechersk monastery became a real school of life for the young man and enriched him with knowledge of book wisdom. Talent and extensive scholarship combined with extraordinary wisdom. In this, he imitated the Monk Theodosius, hegumen, whom he considered a model of monastic asceticism. Nestor joined the chronicle under the guidance of his mentor Nikon.

Information received from the Pechersk elders allowed Nestor to restore the picture of the original life of the monastery, as well as to collect bit by bit the legacy, life and instructions of Father Theodosius.

At the end of his life, the monk undertook an epoch-making work on the nation and power - “The Tale of Bygone Years” ”, which became the seed for subsequent annals and remained the main source of information about the history of the Russian medieval state.

The chronicle is not a simple historical document, in it he preached about the complete purification, the transformation of personality through struggle. Until now, Nestor is the patron of all who study and work in learning.

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