Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "The face of May West"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali, the famous follower of surrealism, provoked endless reviews of admiration and harsh criticism with his work. However, undoubtedly, this eccentric person always made people wonder, and each time revealed to the public new facets of art, balancing on the verge of shock and ambiguity.

“May West's Face” is one of the artist’s “comic” works, written in 1935. The face of the famous American actress is made in the form of a surreal room. By the way, the version of the picture was transferred to reality. Forty years later, the master accurately recreated the image of the “paper” room in his theater-museum in the city of Figueres Oscar Tuskets. The exposition of the illusion room opened in 1974.

May West, who inspired the master, became America's first sex symbol. The character of this woman was to match the artist himself. Full of charisma, sensuality and charm, the talented and motivated May West was a muse and inspiration for people of art. Dali admired this woman and even called the erotic monument of his era.

It is an interesting fact that the sofa is a candy pink color, with which the artist depicted the lips of the actress, subsequently had his own separate story and became a cult in the world of interior.

The lip hue after writing the picture gained fame, inspired fashion designer Elsa Schiapareli, who actively used this color in her outfits. The idea of ​​interpreting the woman’s face in the form of a room and interior details clearly showed how the popularity and fame of May West had an immense impact on different sectors of society, especially cinema and theater.

It can be safely stated that the manner of performing the artistic canvas accurately conveys the universal and undeniable love and worship of this strong and independent woman.

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