Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Portrait of the Tretyakova”

Description of the painting by Ivan Kramskoy “Portrait of the Tretyakova”

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The painting, a portrait of Vera Nikolaevna Tretyakova in full growth, is made in oil in a manner of realism. This woman has a special place in the life of Kramskoy, since being an extraordinary person, a talented pianist, she was also the wife of a close friend of the artist.

The artist devoted a lot of time to this family and greatly respected Vera, her husband and children. The talent of Vera Nikolaevna eventually began to manifest itself among her daughters, who had the opportunity to practice. Being a merciful and good-natured person, Vera Tretyakova supported her husband’s opinion that it was necessary to open schools for poor children, and existing ones should be strictly controlled and their copyright patronage should be exercised over them.

Vera Nikolaevna Tretyakova made a great contribution to the opening of the Kramskiy Art Gallery, and since she herself was a person of creativity, she helped young artists to develop their talent in every possible way. Sincere friendship and many years of acquaintance connected the pianist Vera Tretyakova and the outstanding artist Kramskoy. The portrait of his wife was commissioned by the artist Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov.

Thus, in September 1875, a large painting was created - a full-length ceremonial portrait painted in the country name of the Tretyakovs. It should be noted that it took the artist several years to paint a portrait, because he was full of creative plans and traveled a lot at that time, while working on other paintings. Walking along the forest path, Vera Nikolaevna looks directly at the viewer, her image seems very friendly and open, at the same time she feels a powerful disposition and breadth of soul.

Certain difficulties, of course, caused Kramskoy’s movements, his pause in creating the picture, the outfits of Vera Nikolaevna changed, the landscapes also changed, but in the end we see an excellent realistic portrait, which was highly appreciated by the art community.

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