Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Huts”

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's painting “Huts”

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At the height of his artistic talent, Van Gogh paints the landscape of the Huts. This happened a few months before the death of a brilliant painter. In May 1890, a Dutch artist lived in the town of Auvers in northern France. The mild climate in this small French colony was supposed to have a positive effect on Van Gogh's health. What can be ascertained with accuracy is the beneficence of this area for the creative inspiration of the painter. He creates more than 30 new creations.

"Huts" are not just written as the cityscape of Auvers. These modest buildings surrounded by nature reminded the artist of his native land in Holland. The emotional attachment and nostalgia embodied by Van Gogh on the canvas.

In letters to Theo's brother, the painter explained what is depicted in the painting “Huts”. He wrote that he chose for the embodiment on canvas old houses that are covered with straw. For the foreground of the picture, I chose bread and flowering peas, and for the background - hills and sky.

We see on the canvas of 1890 the realization of Van Gogh's plan. A dynamic picture of nature is depicted. Several one-story huts are located in different angles. Small houses look cozy and comfortable. Smoke clouds swirl from pipes on thatched roofs.

The nearest plan of the canvas is covered with grass carpet: here peas blooms with white flowers and wheat ears. In the distance, steep hills rise, covered with grass and single trees. In some places the blue sky is covered with impending thick clouds, and somewhere it turns into a bright ultramarine.

The picture “Huts” is distinguished by the calmness of the color scheme. Van Gogh preferred faded natural colors: light green, olive, blue, pale yellow. The red roof of one hut stands out against such a background.

The landscape is painted with dynamic strokes, with some anxiety and tension. The contents of the picture swirl and shimmer, making the landscape truly natural and vibrant.

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