Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin "Night Cafe in Arles"

Description of the painting by Paul Gauguin

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While in the south of France, in Arles, Gauguin created several worthwhile works. He came here after an invitation from Van Gogh. This creative duet of famous artists presented the world with similar paintings. The paintings depicted the station cafe in Arles.

Gauguin wrote his "Night Cafe in Arles", without losing its artistic identity. The work of 1888 is relevant for its time. The feelings invested by the author in this picture will become clear even now, after a century.

In the foreground we see the figure of a woman. This is the wife of the owner of the institution - Mrs. Zhin. She sits with her elbow on her arm, clearly bored. On a white countertop is an unfinished glass and a bottle. Paul Gauguin highlighted bright color stripes on the canvas that divide the picture into different compositional plans. The plan closest to the viewer is white. The middle of the picture is determined by the green color. There is no one here except the pool table and the cat sitting underneath. The top plan of the canvas is painted red. It depicts visitors to the cafe. They seem to merge into a single crowd, engulfed in one mood.

The artist portrayed several familiar faces. This is the postman Roulin - a man with a beard, sitting at the right table in the company of three ladies. A soldier in a red beret is sitting at the left table. Beside him is a regular cafe asleep.

Gauguin intentionally wants to show the differences between a single woman in the foreground and people at a distance. He even added a long streak of gray smoke between them. Ms. Zhin seems a little tired, completely devoid of interest in other visitors. Her image against their background looks decent and restrained.

The French artist summed up all the objects in the picture in bold lines. This gave expressiveness to the plot.

The painting is in the Moscow Museum of Art named after A.S. Pushkin.

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