Description of the painting by Igor Grabar "Tale of hoarfrost and the rising sun"

Description of the painting by Igor Grabar

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Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar is a multifaceted creative person. He was loved by many for the unique and very beautiful landscapes of Russian nature. Almost all his life he was an active participant and leader of the artistic life of the country. Notable for his hard work and investing himself in current projects without a trace, Grabar managed to realize himself in a variety of areas. Being a significant artist, he was a famous restorer, art critic and critic, actively engaged in museum activities. Despite the successful completion of the Faculty of Law in St. Petersburg, Grabar chose the path of the artist as the work of his life. During the formation and the rest of his life, he will rely on the work of Ilya Repin and Andrei Rublev.

The leading direction in the images of the master were landscapes, especially he liked to display the winter period. According to him, it was the snowy landscapes that concealed an elusive fairy tale and immense magnificence. The artist was attracted and fascinated by the “silver” robes, such fleeting and unique in their appearance. Grabar notes a special multifaceted and changing picture, which can be seen by observing the frost on a sunny day. One of his famous paintings “The Tale of Frost and the Rising Sun” was painted while in the country. As the painter admits in his notes, he was literally captured by the view that opened from a window of amazing beauty.

An early frosty morning, a little sun shyly breaking through the frost-bound branches of "fairy tale trees" - birches. The sky and snow, which covered the field with a dense blanket, shimmer with colorful shades from crystal blue to orange-pink. It will be important to note that the painting “The Tale of Frost and the Rising Sun” was conceived as part of the painter’s long-standing idea to create a variation of twelve paintings on the theme “Frost Day”. By the time of writing this picture, Grabar had a solid collection of sketches. The problem was that the artist was demanding - following the lessons of the French impressionists, he most appreciated the “realism and truth” of the images. With all his heart in love with Russian nature, he wrote exclusively from nature, in the open air.

Surprisingly, but upon completion of the work, Igor Emmanuilovich later in his notes noted the pretentiousness of the name of the painting, which he wanted to convey the initial feeling of the instant magic of a frosty morning. Among other things, I did not agree with approving reviews regarding this work. The artist believed that the 1906 sketch was much thinner and better absorbed emotions than the full-fledged painting that followed.

His main mistake Grabar called the pursuit of the crushed and crushed image, wanting to recreate the effect of a shining overflow of multi-colored hoarfrost diamonds in the first rays of the sun. But, as a result, the transmission of light synthesis and the original impression was lost.

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