Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Farewell”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Farewell”

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“Farewell” - a new sound in the work of the famous master of seascapes. Ivan Aivazovsky paints this picture in 1868, at the same time that tenacious realism, which had previously lifted him to the top of his fame, was leaving his technique. On the example of this work, one can trace the appearance of improvisation and impetuosity, a departure from the blind "imitation" of the world around.

The compositional model of the image chosen by the artist appears in a new light. Most are occupied by the sky, which attracts attention with its breadth and shimmering shades of purple-scarlet. Translucency and tenderness of colors gives airiness, the effect of predawn haze, softening the brightness of the rising sun. The plot is saturated with peace and melancholy sound. A captivating elegy echoes the serenity of the sea.

Ivan Konstantinovich recreated a lyrical mood, which, given the scarlet flashes, does not cause sadness or sadness. Gently golden strokes dilute the scene of separation, making you think about the joy of an imminent meeting. Farewell to a family by the sea is touching and to some extent “sweet.” The romantic tension inherent in Aivazovsky does not disturb feelings. The ship, like a mirage, froze in the distance, and the boat near the shore patiently waits for the traveler to board it. Everything around is covered with a morning haze of harmony and silence.

A new way of building a dialogue with modern reality, however, did not exclude tried artistic tricks in the paintings. In other words, the artist did not abandon his principles, but transformed them. This is especially evident in color. Ivan Konstantinovich changes “exaggerated” colors to more restrained and filled with greater versatility. This gives a certain “fantasy” and a special airiness to the plot.

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