Description of the painting by Pavel Korin “Portrait of Marshal Zhukov”

Description of the painting by Pavel Korin “Portrait of Marshal Zhukov”

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The artist Korin began working on the portrait of Marshal Zhukov immediately after the end of World War II, namely in one of the autumn months of 1945. He finished his work surprisingly quickly - by December of that year.

The speed of the work and its quality are explained very simply - the Marshal demanded that Korin deal with this order and this slave as quickly as possible. Therefore, in order to complete it not only quickly, but also efficiently, the artist had to go to the territory of Berlin. The fact is that Zhukov, being a very busy person in the post-war period, still could not stay for long in Moscow.

And in order to travel freely and go to this city outside the USSR, the artist received an honorary and opening many roads with the rank of captain. Between frequent, but short-duration portraiture sessions, the artist walked around the ruined city. Moreover, he even went to places where it was impossible to be civilians.

These walks helped him to feel the spirit and atmosphere of the post-war period. This was necessary in order to show Marshal Zhukov as exactly as he had become for the whole country, people and state power as a whole as accurately and truthfully as possible.

He could have painted a portrait of Marshal, not in his dress, but in ordinary clothes, but he was given a special order to portray Marshal in elegant clothes. After the work was finished, Marshall wrote to the college of art about the work he liked. He also separately noted that he really liked the “field” expression that the artist expressed in the portrait. When asked by the artist what a “field” face is, Zhukov answered that it was the face of a man who had just returned from the battlefield. Therefore, Zhukov was pleased with the work done.

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