Description of the painting by Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky “Party (1875 - 1897)”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Egorovich Makovsky “Party (1875 - 1897)”

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This picture is in one of the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery. It depicts young people in a dimly lit, small room. The light source is a kerosene lamp, visible from under the lampshade. Students gathered around the table, waiting for the samovar to boil. No one starts the meal, although the table is laid and everything is ready for tea. The heroes of the canvas turned all their attention to a young girl who enthusiastically delivers a speech. In fact, everything that happens is very difficult to call a party in the usual sense of the word. The meeting of young people is more like an underground meeting.

The girl in the center sets forth her ideas. It is noticeable in her face that she firmly believes in her own convictions and takes what she says very seriously. The faces of the audience are completely different emotions. Some enthusiastically listen to the speaker, others grin, not taking her seriously. Some, on the contrary, think about the speech and try to imbue it. Despite the fact that each person perceives the girl differently, they are united by a common goal, for which they are ready to overcome the trials and boldly meet any difficulties that await them outside the walls of this cozy room.

In the artist’s paintings, one feels his deep sympathy for his own people, with whom he is ready to share both joys and sorrows. His work tells about the life of ordinary people. Each of his paintings is a kind of short story telling about an event. He was well versed in the fate of his own people, knowing both the dark and the bright side of the Russian soul. He raised deep social topics, reflecting the problems of society of his time. By his unique canvases one can judge the history of Russian society, which was not indifferent to the author.

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