Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev "Descent into Hell"

Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev

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According to biblical commandments, after his death, Jesus went to hell and broke the gates that kept everyone who was there. He appeared there to allow the people imprisoned there to rise with him. Indeed, according to the canons, hell is evil, and not only the souls of sinners, but also some righteous fell into its power. And Satan himself deceived himself, because he could not find out who came to destroy his castles. At the feet of Jesus is depicted a cross on which he was crucified during his lifetime. He brought it to hell with him. The painting was painted on linden boards, but has survived to this day.

Here he meets a great many people, most of whom are ready to follow him anywhere. He came to take them with him, and no one can stop him. He came down to destroy the last and most tragic place of residence of people. But he will not take all of them, but only those who are ready to let faith in their hearts, sincerely believe in the power of God and follow in his footsteps to the very end, to remain honest and faithful. When their life becomes righteous, endless Easter joy will come.

Rublev's paintings are distinguished by a detailed drawing of faces. People bow before Jesus and knees, and wings behind the Savior’s back. The whole picture is painted in bright colors, some people have black or red robes, and the rest of the color palette is calm. If you do not know the place where Jesus descended, then it cannot be said that hell is in front of the audience. The creator came there barefoot, and the man in the foreground with whom he is talking knelt down before him and stands on the gravestone.

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