Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Winter. Rink"

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Winter. Rink

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This canvas is one of the most popular and recognizable. Reproduction can be found on the pages of books, New Year's cards, souvenir products. Such interest in the picture is shown for a reason. The landscape is made very skillfully. The artist especially succeeded in heaven. It consists of overflows of golden, beige and peach hues. Such colors are not characteristic of the gray northern capital. However, the day pictured is especially clear and serene. Behind Somov wrote a thin lace of trees and shrubs, giving an additional airy impression.

The work, like a mosaic, is assembled in three parts. This technique is called the triptych, and is often used by the author in other works. On the left is a spectacular lady in a bright red robe trimmed with fur. An impeccable gentleman leads her arm. Nearby is a young man who failed on a love front. He theatrically turned his back on the couple. His image is full of despair and suffering. Against the background of the unfortunate two again. A man and a woman easily roll on ice. They are happy and cheerful.

With a closer look at the work, you can see a quiet alley in the background. This element is especially characteristic of the artist. K.A. Somov as if calling in unknown distances. In front of the alley a young man sprawled, unsuccessfully stepping on the ice. His position is extremely funny. A young lady hurries to the aid of a grief skater. The group forms the last, third plot of the canvas. There is a slight mockery and irony about the people depicted in the picture.

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