Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev "Model"

Description of the painting by Boris Kustodiev

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Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev was born in 1878 in the family of an Astrakhan gymnasium teacher. At the age of fifteen, the artist began to actively master the mystery of drawing from the Russian painter Pavel Vlasov.

Then Boris entered the Academy of Arts, located in the city on the Neva - St. Petersburg. There he became a popular portrait painter, took part in the creation of a number of masterpieces together with other artists and worked with a number of print media.

In 1920, Boris Kustodiev created his work “The Model”. To call it a full-fledged picture is quite difficult. Rather, this work is a sketch. It is made on paper with a simple graphite pencil. It has an average size of 35.5 by 22 centimeters. At the moment, the work is kept by a private collector, whose name is not known for certain.

The plot is based on the image of a young magnificent lady. She is naked and preoccupied with pulling her hair back, slightly tilting her pretty head. The master pays special attention to the study of the forms of women. Even the small details of the arms and legs, body features and facial features do not go unnoticed by Kustodiev. A slight understatement remains only when drawing hair and one arm.

The girl’s position is relaxed, there is no tension in him. One knee is bent for greater stability. The face expresses calm and joy. Lips are touched by an unobtrusive smile. The picture is full of real femininity. The artist with great trepidation portrayed the image of a Russian beauty, languid and calm.

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