Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Woman Portrait”

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens “Woman Portrait”

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Paul Rubens is a typical representative of the Renaissance, with her characteristic desire to exalt ancient images, while creating real masterpieces of painting and sculpture. The artist pays special attention to the writing of female portraits.

In the Middle Ages, the image of naked female bodies was a forbidden fruit, the Renaissance allowed us to look at this topic from a completely different point of view. The female body is part of nature, nature is now perceived as the embodiment of divine thought. There is nothing more divine than the beauty of a female body.

The beauty of most Rubenov women is far from generally accepted notions, both of his modern era and of the present. The artist depicts women with magnificent forms, for them he experiences special love and reverence. It should be noted that women with such a figure attracted the painter not only in work, but also in personal life. The images of both his wives are reflected in many works of the artist.

However, one should not think that only women were models of Rubens' paintings. Over the 8 years of my stay in Italy, he painted dozens of portraits of men, women and children, mostly representatives of the aristocratic class. Each picture is impressive with a play of colors, the artist skillfully uses lights and shadows, with great love drawing the smallest particles and details.

The artist pays special attention to the eyes and hands of models. Most of those depicted in the portraits look directly and confidently, a smile froze on their lips. The artist is not afraid to highlight the imperfection of the female body, on the contrary, he emphasizes it, but does it so inspiredly that the viewer does not even think about trying to laugh at such a vision of female beauty.

Rubens' works reflect the nascent Baroque, whose heavy beauty is still inferior to the desire to convey living reality.

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