Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky “Winter landscape”

Description of the painting by Vasily Kandinsky “Winter landscape”

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Vasily Kandinsky is not only a great Russian artist, but also the founder of graphics and abstraction in Russia. He was born and raised in a merchant family. Initially, young Vasily was prepared for a respectable share - the work of a lawyer. The future artist successfully graduated from a university in Moscow.

Then for three years he works in it as a teacher. He later moved to Germany, at the invitation of one of the universities. Shortly before the trip, Kandinsky visits an exhibition of paintings made in the style of impressionism. His first visit is the desire to become an artist. The knowledge of the work of the brilliant Claude Monet, namely, his masterpiece “Haystack”, allows you to finally decide on a profession.

Thus, a successful lawyer, a teacher at a German university, at the age of 30 decides to start all over again and become an artist. In this field, he also quickly achieved success. Already in 1910, the master participated in the first exhibitions, and a year earlier, in 1909 he organized an association of artists in Germany. It is called the Blue Horseman.

It was during this period of takeoff that Vasily Kandinsky painted his famous painting “Winter Landscape”. The canvas is made in the favorite style of abstractionism. The colors chosen are quite bright. Saturated blue confidently contrasts with tones of yellow. The technique of applying paint to the canvas deserves special attention. Large, chaotic strokes are the result of influence on the master of creativity Claude Monet.

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