Description of the painting Umberto Boccioni “State of Soul”

Description of the painting Umberto Boccioni “State of Soul”

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Umberto Boccioni is a representative of the Italian futuristic movement in the painting of the early XX century. In addition, the painter is also known for theoretical works in the field of modernism and realism. Being engaged in portraiture, the artist often used elements of impressionism and post-impressionism. In 1910, following the published “Manifesto of Futuristic Painting”, Boccioni presents the world a series of paintings, referred to by the name of the main work - “State of Soul”.

Following new trends in art, Boccioni refuses to use compositional plots. He sets himself the task of singing the crowd, the fever of life, emphasizing the whirlwind of new relationships that engulfed society. Boccioni predicts a computerized future in which people will be assigned only the place of outside observers.

The canvas, paints, colors and light are used by the artist to convey the idea of ​​movement in all the variety of its forms and variations. The picture is a series of uneven lines and crystals stacked on top of each other. Arranged in a chaotic order, they evoke images of animals, people, objects from the viewer. Everyone who saw the canvas with their own eyes will have to decide for themselves what exactly he wants to see behind the blue strokes, the plain brush strokes. The inner world of the artist is revealed to the inexperienced lover of futurism in full.

Neglecting the form and standard vision of color, Boccioni successfully combines a ghostly and flashy. The artist denies such unshakable concepts as harmony and integrity, not depriving the viewer of knowledge about their existence, but also not allowing himself to be limited to their adoption. The play of colors, an endless combination of shapes and sizes - all this does not allow you to tear your eyes off the picture for long minutes.

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