Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Night at Sea"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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“Night at the Sea” is one of the famous paintings that are among the night landscapes of Ivan Aivazovsky. It was written in 1854 when the difficult battles of the Crimean War unfolded in the native Crimea for the artist and in its environs. Despite the terrible military events that Aivazovsky himself became the witness of that year, this picture is imbued with calmness and softness of nature's colors.

On this canvas, the painter depicted the coast describing the arc. A full moon is visible in the sky, slightly covered by passing light clouds. The sea ripples a little, and on it the moonlight leaves a yellow path. In the foreground are the longboats of fishermen and the fishermen themselves, resting on the shore; in the center - a tall figure of a woman whose face is facing the sea.

The background of the painting is partially obscured by fog. Silhouettes of sailing ships at sea are guessed in this fog, and behind them, on the far side of the coast, a mountain rises into the sky. To the left of the mountain you can see a small and sleepy town, also lit by moonlight.

Of great importance in the artistic composition of the picture is the play of light, characteristic of other, the most famous works of Aivazovsky. The central place in the landscape is occupied by the moon, scattering its light in all directions and highlighting objects facing it. The bright shine of the surface of the sea, which is slightly agitated in the wind, is expressive. The same effect is enhanced by soft and even shadows left on a gentle shore. A special place in the plot goes to the clouds that form the main background of the image.

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