Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer “A piece of turf”

Description of the painting by Albrecht Durer “A piece of turf”

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The artist Albrecht Durer was considered a true researcher of flora and fauna, as well as an ardent admirer of the theory of Renaissance art. Painting has always enthusiastically described his life, all aspects of family life. All this was described in his diary, which was devoted to a trip to Holland.

Dürer was born in Germany, in Nuremberg. The talent grew and developed under the influence of his father (a Hungarian jeweler), godfather Koberg (a former jeweler who took up publishing), and a close friend of Wilibald Pirkheimer (a humanist who managed to introduce the young man to the works of Italian Renaissance masters).

In 1503, Albrecht Durer began to paint amazing watercolor studies of plants and animals in watercolor. The most famous of his works in this series is "A Piece of Sod." It was originally supposed that this sketch would serve as a study for a larger work. However, it was not destined. "A piece of turf" became famous in itself. The artist was able to subtly notice all the features of vegetation. Using various shades of green, all the plants in the picture, the famous paintings of Dürer depicted as accurately and carefully as possible. He painstakingly wrote out every leaflet, every stalk.

Until now, it has never occurred to anyone to draw individual natural motifs; no one has paid attention to the wild herbs underfoot. Albrecht Durer was one of the first artists in Europe, who was not afraid of experiments with watercolors (new material for artists).

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