Description of Michelangelo's sculpture “Evening”

Description of Michelangelo's sculpture “Evening”

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Michelangelo was a sculptor, architect, painter. His main passion is the creation of sculptures. At first he made drawings on paper and sketches from wax, and then he worked with marble. Michelangelo sculpted realistic human figures from a block of soulless stone.

In 1520, Michelangelo began work on the construction of the tomb of the Medici family. The chapel became the main masterpiece of the sculptor. As a decoration of the tomb, he created four statues, one of which was called "Evening" or "Twilight." The sculpture turned out to be 155 cm high, and the process of its creation took the sculptor 10 years (from 1524 to 1534).

The statue is a figure of an elderly, but athletically built man. He is completely naked. The man looks tired, sleepy, lost in vague thoughts. He is in a reclining position, leaning on the elbow of his left hand. The right hand is located along the body, the elbow is slightly bent, and the hand lies on the leg. The right leg is bent at the knee and thrown to the left. The head bends tiredly to the chest.

The sculptor depicted in detail the chest of the man, the muscles of the abs, legs and arms, but left the hands and facial features unfinished. Michelangelo deliberately left these parts of the body incomplete in order to emphasize the onset of twilight, when all objects become fuzzy, drawn in by the mantis.

In this work, Michelangelo touched on the theme of man and eternity, demonstrated the transience of time and the perishability of human life. He clearly conveyed the oppressive atmosphere of old age and nostalgia.

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