Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani "Self Portrait"

Description of the painting Amedeo Modigliani

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The Italian sculptor, who is also known to us as an artist, Amedeo was one of the first Italian painters who traveled to and from Paris. He was friends with Matisse, Conto, Apollinaire, Picasso. He was known as the hero of the Parisian bohemia. However, despite all this, he was not understood. Often his friends from Paris accused Modigliani of being too committed to academism, the traditional spirit of the Italian museum.

His "Self-portrait" is written in the manner typical of the painter - the head is more like an elongated egg, the neck looks like a cylinder. The eyes are more almond-shaped, completely different than the real Amadeo. The silhouette in the traditions of Modigliani is very elongated, which further emphasizes the vertical size of the canvas. All proportions of the picture are far from classics. However, the artist managed to convey his calm, determination. The painter always prescribed all the correct features as clearly as possible. Contours do not blur. The background is in perfect harmony with the figure of the author. In all the rounded corners, the artist showed his special stylistic symbols, which revealed for him the emotional fullness of nature. He wanted sincerity, expression on the canvas.

Portraits of Modigliani are always distinguished by their graceful silhouette, the author is perfectly able to show color transitions, emotions. It seems that the whole world of the depicted person is reflected on the canvas.

"Self-portrait" is painted in oil on canvas, the canvas size is 64.5x100 centimeters.

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