Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “First Communion”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “First Communion”

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Despite his genius, Picasso did not like when someone told him what to do. He immediately became very irritable. During school, a young genius was often locked up in a special detention center (a room with a bench and white walls) for disgusting behavior. Even this time, young Picasso tried to use wisely - he always tried to draw in this room, because nobody distracted him from his favorite occupation.

Throughout his creative life, Picasso has always been different in every period. As he himself said, everyone has the right to change. The artist entered the history of art as the creator of such a trend - cubism.

In 1896, a student of the School of Fine Arts, which is located in La Lonja, ends his now famous work - “The First Communion”. The canvas was written specifically for the exhibition of fine arts, which was held in Barcelona.

In the picture, the artist depicted his sister Lola, who takes the sacrament, as well as her father and mother. Thanks to his first paintings, “First Communion” and “Knowledge and Mercy,” which the artist painted in his 15 years.

The creative life of Pablo Picasso can be divided into color periods - this is the time when he wrote using certain colors, shapes. The most famous are pink, blue, cubist, black, classical and other periods.

In the world there are three museums that bear the name of Picasso - in Malaga, Paris and Barcelona. His paintings today are the most expensive at art auctions. Museums around the world store more than 20 thousand of his works.

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