Description of the painting by Peter Rubens "Anna of Austria"

Description of the painting by Peter Rubens

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It was very difficult for Rubens to draw Anna of Austria, the wife of Louis XIII of France. Four portraits in which she is depicted eloquently tell us about this. Now it’s hard to say exactly what period they were written in. Specialists attribute all 4 portraits to 1622-1625.

The costume, which is depicted on one of the most famous canvases of the great painter “Anna of Austria,” clearly shows the influence of Spain on France at that time.

The size of the canvas depicting the queen is 120x96.8 cm. It is made in oil on a wooden board. We know the picture under the abbreviation. Her full name is "Anna of Austria, wife of the King of France Louis XIII."

In the work of Rubens we see a pronounced Baroque style. Rubens was rightly considered the author and creator of large baroque compositions. Anna in the portrait is endowed with an arrogant degree. We see her in a calm pose, her head is slightly turned. Anna looks pointedly at the viewer.

Anna of Austria, was born in Spain, in the family of King Philip the Third. In those days, it was not customary to give girls a good education (even royal blood), so she received only knowledge in Latin and learned the basics of European languages. Anna could see her parents only on certain days. In 1615, at the age of 14, he married Louis XIII. In the years 1643-1651 he became regent of the little king Louis XIV. She was implicated in a variety of actions against Cardinal Richelieu.

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