Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “The Boy with the Dog”

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso “The Boy with the Dog”

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Pablo Picasso is known for his many works in his style of the blue period - cold tones and simple lifeless heroes who betray his works with sad lyrics. In 1881, this theme smoothly passed into the so-called pink period of his work. Here sadness is not so deep and tragic, it takes on a warmer tone.

In addition to the predominantly cold blue, warm pink color appears in the paints of the canvas. The artist draws attention to wandering circus artists, trying to convey in their paintings their not always rainbow-colored life. The romance of wandering in different cities is burdened by the hardships of poverty and, sometimes, starvation, but among this the author finds and gives us moments of sincere love, intimacy and fellowship.

This proximity is conveyed to us by the painting A Boy with a Dog, where a simple yard dog with smart eyes is pressed head to foot on the boy’s foot, who, in turn, carelessly strokes his head while eating a pear. The truthfulness of the situation of circus artists of that time is shown in the completely emaciated figure of a boy whose proportions are slightly disturbed to enhance the effect.

A very moving picture, without undue sentimentality, shows the humanity of a poor young man. Subtle poetry is felt in all his image - a thin, deathly pale, poorly dressed and, apparently, hungry child, he simply lives the life that God gave him and does not lose his human qualities.

In the painting Boy with a Dog, the main feature of Pablo Picasso's art is expressed - humanism to all living things.

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