Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Belorus”

Description of Ilya Repin's painting “Belorus”

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The great Russian painter Ilya Repin always persistently searched for new methods and ideas that made his work more complete and deeper. It is believed that he had a set of favorite subjects and, accordingly, a limited circle of people whose portraits he painted.

Repin painted the picture “Belarus” in 1892. Possessing a deep sense of determination and aesthetics, as well as a great artistic gift to feel the state of mind and its reflection in the life and characters of the paintings. Belarus - a different name for the portrait of Sidor Shavrov.

In the village, which was located next to the estate of Repin, a boy lived, very early left blind. However, many years later, vision miraculously returned to a mature young man. Repin was so impressed by what had happened that he asked the young man to pose for him for a portrait. We see a young man with a smile on his face, confident, strong, just defeated a terrible ailment.

The search for truth and ideal led Repin to the whole variety of topics and directions of his paintings, written under the influence of hidden aspects of social and spiritual experience, as well as national culture. Like most Russian realists of his time, Repin often based his work on dramatic conflicts taken from modern life or history.

His method was the opposite of the general approach of impressionist artists. The artist worked slowly and carefully. They were the result of careful and detailed study. Repin was never happy with his work and often painted several versions that were completely different from each other.

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