Description of the painting Vasily Polenov "Among teachers"

Description of the painting Vasily Polenov

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The painting "Among teachers" refers to the Gospel cycle of the work of the famous artist Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. Interest in a religious topic was characteristic of the masters of that time. However, as the author himself claimed, he was looking for "historical truth." That is why the work does not have a mystical plot and sacred awe.

Before us is an episode from the everyday life of young Jesus. This passage is well described in the Bible by Luke. Mary and Joseph lost Christ during one of the walks. The boy came out of the church to them and firmly announced that he would stay here for training. From now on, he will serve the Lord forever. We see Jesus in white robes sitting surrounded by wise old men and Pharisees on the floor, diligently listening to the lesson. At the entrance to the church is Mary. She is written as a secondary character and does not attract attention.

The temple building is simple in decoration, there are only mats for sitting and a pair of lamps. The shoes of the congregation are located in the corner. On the second floor we see a man who watches what is happening with interest. Polenov tried very hard to capture people as they were at that time. To do this, he invited as models the Jews from the Jewish quarter of Rome, who largely preserved the appearance of their predecessors.

It is worth noting a muted palette of varying shades of brown, yellow and gray. Colors overlap and do not conflict. Such a calm background does not distract from the plot and creates the most authentic atmosphere of that historical moment in the life of the Son of God.

Polenov did not hide the fact that a series of paintings on the theme of the life of Christ was the main work of his career. He persistently and convincingly strove to “clear” the image of the savior from mystification, to make it close and understandable, to the utmost degree human.

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