Description of the painting by Dante Rossetti “Beatrice the Blessed”

Description of the painting by Dante Rossetti “Beatrice the Blessed”

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Dante Rossetti, like his famous idol writer, had a lover named Beatrice. This similarity was fatal. The girl, like the passion of the poet, did not have a long and happy life. She died at a very young age from taking in laudanum. The only significant and significant difference was that Rossetti was married to his lover. A terrible tragedy happened with Beatrice back in 1862. The artist was very upset by her death. He constantly kept talking about an invisible connection with the Dante poet and his passion. It drove everyone crazy.

It is worth noting that during the life of his wife, he often depicted her in paintings. It could be completely different images, but after her death, everything broke off. This painting became a reference point in a new stage in the style and manner of drawing of Dante Rasstretti. The picture he called Beatrice the blessed. It is worth noting that for all his point on his beloved, the artist was not going to portray death as something bad, shameful or vile. Far from it, the end of his earthly life is a kind of ecstasy. Pay attention to the girl’s face. It clearly does not look clouded or full of suffering. It is true, because death saves from any suffering. It is a kind of spiritual transformation, the reincarnation of man. This, in turn, came to his lover.

Beatrice Rasstretti depicted his eyes closed, following the rules of the still ancient canons of the image of the dead. What can reflect the look of the dead, if he sees already completely differently, is aimed at the otherworldly. The appearance of his wife is interesting: her hair is surrounded by an incredible light - this is a halo above her head, and an unknown bird lets out a large and beautiful poppy flower above her - a symbol of eternal sleep and finding peace. If you look at the background of the picture, we see that the artist depicted a sunset: sunset of the day, sunset of life ... Is it not symbolic?

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