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Description of Sergey Ivanov

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The picture "German" Sergey Vasilievich wrote shortly before his death. Written in 1910, using cardboard and oil. The painting is stored in the Odessa Art Museum. Not long before his death, the author turned to the topic of the arrival of foreigners in the capital. "German" picture made in a humorous style. At a time when foreigners were rare guests in Russia.

In ancient times, established ideals and customs reigned in society; everything alien was strange and incomprehensible to the Russian people. In each case, ordinary Russian people showered with ridicule and abuse of foreign guests. The artist depicted the clash of two completely different cultures of peoples, not similar to each other worldviews and ideals. Residents of the German settlement, many Muscovites feared and feared, considered "the creature of the devil himself." But there were those who were interested in looking at a stranger. One of such scenes of fear, curiosity and distrust was depicted by the artist in his painting.

The picture shows a typical scene, a foreigner visiting a Russian outback. The Russian people are not ready to accept the unknown. Clothing, style, behavior - everything seems incomprehensible and vulgar. Bright clothes, a hat, boots all this causes laughter and disgust. The picture shows how the townspeople openly mock and mock a stranger who is dressed in ridiculous and strange costumes.

The picture is painted in bright colors and very accurately conveys the atmosphere of the action. The picture can rightfully be considered one of the famous images of Russian painting.

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