Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir "Lisa with an umbrella"

Description of the painting by Pierre Auguste Renoir

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Lisa's painting with an umbrella is one of the most lively and voluminous works of the author. The play of light and darkness on the canvas gives the composition more volume and expression, which is why a work of art attracts the eye.

The main figure of the canvas is Lisa Treo - a girl whom the artist dearly loved. Lisa for a long time was in a relationship with the artist, but over time, the couple decided to break them. This was a blow to Lisa, but a few years later her life turned out well: the girl played a wedding with an architect, and she completely forgot about her broken heart.

The girl is depicted in full growth in a beautiful white dress with a black ribbon tied to her chest. The ends of the ribbon along with the hem of the dress are quite long. The abundance of white is associated with the purity, lightness and tenderness that the author experienced for his lover. The girl’s left hand holds an umbrella that protects the heroine from sunlight. A dark umbrella with a lace pattern creates a contrast to the picture along with a black belt. This technique gives the image richness and harmony. Lisa's head is tilted to the right, a beautiful face expresses kindness, and her mouth is bent in a faint smile. The girl’s dark hair is barely visible from under the bright hat, and behind the hair is gathered red scarlet ribbon running down the shoulders.

The background consists of highlights, alternating a wide variety of colors. Thus, it seems that the material for the artist’s drawing was the light itself, depicting ornate patterns and contours of a wide variety of shades. Based on the outlines of the background behind the girl, it becomes clear that she is in an open space, such as a garden, forest or meadow. The canvas is painted more clear, bright and vibrant, probably due to the fact that during the painting the artist tried to convey the most realistic and accurate feelings that Lisa Treo feels.

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