Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Peasant Woman with Butterflies” nbsp

Description of the painting by Alexei Venetsianov “Peasant Woman with Butterflies” nbsp

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The painting "Peasant Woman with Butterflies" was painted by Venetsianov in 1820. Portraits of ordinary women make up the best part of his creations. The artist in these portraits praises the inherent human dignity of the Russian peasant woman.

This painting is one of his best works by the artist. The image of the reaper, which bears extraordinary simplicity, lyrical revelation and deep meaning. Venetsianov vividly embodies the ideal beauty of the young village peasant, bringing deep symbolism to the composition.

So in the background the yellow color symbolizes a gracious relationship with the world of saints, and ripe ears of wheat reveal a gentle feminine resilience, fertile abundance of earthly prosperity, showing the inner spiritual wealth of a simple village nature. Sickle indicates hard work and chastity of a pure virgin body. The presence of red and white in the clothes of the girl reveal her earthly beauty in purity and perfection. A ring not in the hand of a peasant woman means the eternal cycle of life. Butterflies sitting on her fingers are more likely to talk about the fun and laid-back playfulness of summertime.

Delicate flowers of cornflowers bring a reflection of earthly beauty to the canvas. The girl’s face is filled with unusually bright light.

The portrait “Peasant Woman with Butterflies” conveys the image of an ideal forever young girl. Small slightly convex lips express mutual sympathy and attract the eye with the quiet mystery of a modest smile.

The painting carries the great charm of a young female face, with a calm and firm look. It fully conveys the charm of the soft outlines of the neck and shoulders under a white canvas shirt. The grace of a hand gently covered with butterflies that holds the sickle.

To date, the painting is in the Ryazan State Regional Art Museum named after I.P. Pozhalostinas

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