Description of Vincent van Gogh's painting “Night Cafe”

Description of Vincent van Gogh's painting “Night Cafe”

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The painting "Night Cafe" was painted by artists in September 1888.

For three nights, Vincent Van Gogh visited a station café in Arles in southern France, watching nightly visitors spending their time aimlessly drinking.

Fuzzy lines, careless strokes, blurry faces of cafe visitors indicate the author’s desire to convey the state of not sober person.

The interior of the room is filled with a lot of nuances that, contrasting with each other, convey the depressive state of the artist. The green color of the ceiling speaks more of a sensation of pain aggravated by the anxiety of the red walls, and the abundance of warm tones of yellow adds a stuffy and smoky atmosphere to the establishment. An abandoned pool table, a large number of bottles and empty glasses on empty tables additionally emphasize abandonment and uselessness.

The night time is emphasized by the clock, which shows that it is already well past midnight, the night scenery in the window, the brightly lit four lamps and a couple who have sat up at the corner table at the entrance.

Asleep visitor, two pretty drunk interlocutors reinforce the oppressive impression. A visitor in a yellow suit completes the effect, looking directly at the artist, or looking at the viewer directly in the eye.

The artist wrote to his brother Theo that in this picture he tried to convey the atmosphere and destructive passion in which self-destruction of a person occurs, where he goes crazy or becomes a criminal.

This picture was highly praised by critics and was awarded the title of one of Van Gogh's masterpieces. Subsequently, she gave birth to a new style - expressionism.

Later, the artist will repeat it in watercolor.

To date, the painting "Night Cafe" is stored in the Art Gallery of Yale University.

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