Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Interior at the Pavlovs' dacha”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Somov “Interior at the Pavlovs' dacha”

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The work of Somov Konstantin Andreevich "Interior at the Pavlovs' cottage" was written in 1899. Style is symbolism.

In this picture we see the interior of one of the rooms at the Pavlovs' dacha. Very little furniture is depicted. Near the wall there is a small desk on which a table lamp is placed. There are two chairs on the sides of the table. Judging by the form, these chairs are not from one set, which indicates the simple taste of the owners of the house.

It is believed that Somov was a true master of the image of nature. Therefore, which is very difficult to notice at first glance, it is windows that play an important role at work. Through the windows penetrates the purest and clearest light that illuminates the room. It is the windows that add depth to this dark, slightly empty work. We look at the interior, but in fact we see much more than just a room: we also see what is happening outside the walls of the building. But the artist did not detail the nature. He gives us only a hint of what is happening on the street. So, we understand that it is a sunny, clear day. It is probably summer or late spring. Having depicted only two small windows, the artist was able to bring light colors to the canvas. Almost white strokes appeared on the canvas, only figuratively symbolizing the play of light and shadow. It still remains unclear where the lighting comes from in the room, because the glare depicted on the floor of the room appeared clearly not due to the light from the windows.

To further expand the space of this small room, Somov depicts an open door on the far wall. We cannot discern what is behind this door, but visually the room seems to be wider, limitedness disappears.

When working on the picture, Somov refused to draw detailed details. Smears are very wide, confident. All colors are muffled, the color palette is not rich.

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